There has been a lot of talk about Kratom in California, and many people aren’t sure if they can buy and possess ketum while moving around the state related to work or during their vacation. The answer to this question varies with your city or county.

Whether you’re looking for the latest updates or want to research the status of Kratom in California, this article will answer all your questions about this botanical legislation in California. 

So, let’s look at some interesting facts about Korth in this golden state.

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Legal Standing Of Kratom In California

Kratom is legal at the state level in California because reasonable legislation was never enacted regarding Ketum. However, two cities took off and banned this herb quoting FDA and DEA’s recommendations. 

These city bans mean that its use is effectively prohibited for many residents in the state of California. This has created a situation where people who want to use this botanical must obtain it from sources outside the state, which can be difficult and expensive.

Because of this unclear situation, supporters and users of Kratom in California are in a tight spot. They must be aware of the city-level laws to determine whether they can carry their supplies with them on the move.

 Moreover, AKA and the public are working hand in hand to persuade political forces to enact proper rules and regulations at the city and state levels. Regulated use of anything minimizes the chances of risks and abuse. Still, so far, their efforts have not been successful. 

They also argue that Korth is safe for consumption and effective in many ways, and its prohibition will only serve to drive users underground.

Legislative Regulations Concerning Kratom In California

Kratom is currently banned in the following cities in California:

● San Diego

● Oceanside

These cities have all enacted ordinances that make it illegal to possess, sell, or distribute Kratom within their jurisdictions. Violation of these ordinances can result in a misdemeanor charge and a fine.


Within its borders, the City of Oceanside has outlawed Korth. This means that when inside the city limits, you cannot sell, purchase, or even carry it.

Each violation of Article VII of the town code is punishable by a $500 fine. In addition to the $500 misdemeanor possession punishment, anyone who violates Article VII could lose their business license.

However, the Authority’s unethical classification of this beneficial plant as a synthetic substance is problematic.

San Diego

Since June 14, 2016, Kratom sales and purchases have been prohibited in San Diego. The herb was once more equated to other Schedule I psychoactive narcotics despite strong protests from local ketum devotees. Using identical justification and wording to the Oceanside City Council, the San Diego City Council supported their unanimous passage of the legislation against Kratom.

As of 2020, the second most populated county in California is trying to follow in the footsteps of San Diego city. A board of San Diego County supervisors gathered to give directives to local agencies to find ways to outlaw Kratom ultimately. The whole board was in sync on state-Level for one member. According to Gaspar, the city’s ban on Kratom is unjust. 

A public hearing was also held in February 2020 to gather public opinion. One proponent of Korth pointed out that throughout San Diego County’s history, there has never been a case of ketum causing a fatality. Thanks to logical public opinion, San Diego County’s proposed countywide ban was never implemented, despite most board members voting to support it.

Will There Be A State-Level Ban On Ketum In the Future?

Although Kratom in California is currently legal to sell, buy and possess in California. And the state has not yet passed any specific laws regarding the use or possession of the plant. Along with this, there is no mention of it in the state’s controlled substances act. However, since the ban on Korth was passed by some cities and counties in California, it has halted the sale or possession of the herb.

Korth enthusiasts of the state are scared for this botanical’s future and are unsure when there will be a ban on Kratom in California. However, AKA(American Kratom Association) is trying hard to convince authorities to resist any negative development that can affect Ketum. 

If you are residing anywhere in California and considering using Kratom, it is essential to check the laws in your city or county to see if it is banned there. Even if Kratom is not explicitly mentioned in a law or ordinance, it may still be considered illegal if it falls under the general definition of a controlled substance in your city.

How To Get Your Inventory Refill In California

There are a few ways to buy Kratom in California:

Buying From A Trustworthy Local Ketum Dealer

The best way is to find a reputable dealer that sells high-quality Korth powder or capsules. These dealers will usually be located in cities with large populations of Kratom users, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Buying From An Authentic Online Vendor

Another way to buy Kratom in California is through online retailers. Many online stores sell Ketum, most of which ship to California. Be sure to research before buying from an online retailer, as there are many scams. Only buy from a reputable source that sells high-quality Kraotm products.

Here are some of the best online vendors who sell wholly natural and authentic Ketum: 

Socratic Solutions Kratom

● Pure Leaf Kratom

● Amazing Botanicals

● Super Natural Botanicals

● Golden Monk

Which Would Be The Best Choice For You

If you’re considering trying Kratom in California, you may wonder whether it’s better to buy it online or from a headshop. 

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each option:

Online Vendors

Some of the pros and cons you will get by purchasing from an online vendor include the following:


● You’ll have a more comprehensive selection of strains to choose from.

● You can often find better deals on Ketum online than at head shops.

● It’s more convenient to buy this plant online since you can do it from your home.


● You won’t be able to inspect the product before you buy it.

● There’s always a risk that your shipment could get lost or stolen en route.

● Some online vendors may not be reputable or sell high-quality products.

Local Head Shops

The pros and cons you will get by purchasing from a local head shop include the following:


● You’ll be able to see and smell the product before you buy it.

● Head Shops typically have knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions about the botanical.

● It’s more convenient to buy Kratom from a headshop if you live near one.


● You can’t get a variety of pure strains from every shop.

● There are no consumer reviews that can prove their authenticity.

● Adulterated Korth products from shady head shops can cause serious health issues.

Now that you have gotten a hint of head shops’ and online vendors’ benefits and drawbacks. It might be easy to weigh it all down to decide which would be the best option for you. 

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Bottom Line

California’s history with Kratom has been pretty rocky. From an outright ban on the substance in some cities to no possession and sales laws at all, the Golden State has struggled when it comes to establishing a policy for this botanical.

Kratom is a natural medicinal substance that is safe when used responsibly. It does not pose a threat to society in any way. AKA and Korth enthusiasts are trying to spread awareness regarding Kratom throughout America. They insist that Kratom should be regulated at the Federal level to prevent abuse. 

Additionally, there needs to be more education about this herb before its consumption can become widely accepted.

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