Let,s find out what will happen if we mix Kratom And Cranberry Juice. Kratom is a powerful herb and has a long history in traditional medicine. It is a plant that has been used for thousands of years in different cultures as a medicine and an energy booster. It’s often used to help people manage their pain and fatigue, decrease anxiety and depression, and boost the immune system.

One of the biggest controversies in the Korth community is whether or not to mix it with potentiators such as Otc medications and natural ingredients. After using these potentiators, the majority agrees that they increase mental energy and concentration while enhancing mood, motivation, and ease of movement. On the contrary, some believe that mixing Korth with potentiators interferes with its pharmacokinetics of it leading to loss of efficacy.

However, modern studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that Korth can be potentiated (enhanced), which means any positive effects from this plant may be amplified by taking it with other herbs or supplements.

That is why we took it upon ourselves to enlighten you about the potentiation of Ketum with cranberry juice which in itself is a highly effective and nutrient rich supplement for the human body. In this article we will discuss in detail about interactions and benefits of potentiating Kratom and cranberry juice.

So! Be with us till the end.

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What Is Kratom Potentiation?

If you are a Ketum enthusiast then you must know what potentiation is? Yet, for the sake of beginners, potentiation is a method of increasing the level of a substance’s effect on the body. It is also often applied to increase the potency of herbs or plants. In general, Mitragyna potentiation may lead to positive, psychoactive effects that are stronger than usual. . A good potentiator makes other substances work better, either by intensifying the effects, or extending them.

Kratom potentiation is when Ketum is used in combination with another substance such as pharmaceuticals, juices, herbs and others.

These substances which can be taken with the botanical to increase or extend its effects are usually coined as potentiators.

These potentiators are most effective when used in tandem with smaller doses of Mitragyna, and combined with a chaser of some other non-alcoholic drink to wash the taste out of your mouth.

Cranberry Juice: What Is It?

The juice extracted from cranberries is called cranberry juice. These citrus berries are deep red in color. They are less frequently utilized as compared to other berries, yet they have a delicious flavor and are a potent source of vitamin C. Many different health advantages are associated with cranberries. Urinary tract infections have long been treated with cranberry juice as per the recommendations of medical professionals.

Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

Consuming cranberry juice provides lots of benefits such as

Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Cranberry juice can help prevent as well as treat Urinary tract infections. It acts as a probiotic and helps flush bacteria through urine.

Reduce Chances Of Heart Diseases

Phytonutrients included in cranberries help protect against inflammation, hence reducing diseases like atherosclerosis and vascular damage.

Minimize Odds Of Cancer

Chemical compound Proanthocyanidin is believed to be present in Cranberries that inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Prevent Stomach And Intestinal Ulcers

These compounds are also helpful in treating ulcers by inhibiting the growth of infectious bacterias.

Improves Dental Health

Proanthocyanidin also improves dental health by eradicating bacterias that cause tooth decay.

Can Cranberry Juice Act As a Good Potentiator?

Cranberry juice is deemed as one of the best potentiators for Ketum. Many anecdotal references suggest that people had a great time using Kratom and cranberry juice together. Even if you are in doubt regarding its results you can safely try mixing them both because of two main reasons. First, it is natural and secondly, it has lots of benefits as we have described earlier.

How Can You Use  Kratom And Cranberry Juice Together?

Combining Kratom and cranberry juice can help you achieve many goals. Here are some ways that you can use this combination to improve your life.

Make A Mixture

The best and recommended way to consume Kratom and cranberry juice together is by mixing your required dosage in a glass of cranberry juice. Mix it well and enjoy your drink.

Toss And Wash

Another relatively quicker method is toss and wash. Take your dosage and put it in the mouth. Use cranberry juice instead of water to gulp it down. This method may not be able to mask the bitterness of ketum but you will get the results similar to the above method.

Benefits Of Mixing Kratom And Cranberry Juice

Potentiation of Ketum with cranberry juice can give you lots of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you will get by mixing Kratom and cranberry juice together.

Boosts Your Energy Levels

Cranberries are great for boosting your energy levels because they’re high in vitamin C, which helps your body produce energy from food. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron, which is essential for red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body.

M.speciosa on the other hand also has some energy-boosting strains. This makes Kratom and cranberry juice an excellent way to boost your energy levels. If you feel tired all the time, this combination may be just what you need!

Helps You Recover From Exercise

You may have heard about how athletes use sports drinks or Gatorade after exercise to replenish fluids lost during intense activity, but did you know that these drinks also contain electrolytes like sodium chloride (salt) and potassium chloride?

A healthy alternative to help ease muscle pain caused by exercise and to restorative of body fluids could be Kratom and cranberry juice mixture.

Helps Mask The Bitter Taste Of Kratom Powder

Use of any natural flavorful juice can mask the bitterness of Korth. Cranberry juice has a great citrus taste that can help remove the bitter smell and taste of the powder.

Enhance Your Mood

Ketum is known to have mood-boosting properties. If you use cranberry juice as a potentiator with Korth, you will also feel a sense of freshness because it hydrates the body and affects your mood greatly.

Gives Your Skin A Boost Of Vitamin-C

Cranberry juice is a power pack of vitamin-C. By using your Ketum dosage with cranberry juice will also help you with skin hydration.

Provide Heightened Analgesic Properties

Cranberry juice enhances Korth’s analgesic properties. If you had a hectic day that caused you muscle pain, this combination drink would be best for you.

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Ketum users that are victim to the bitter taste of it, always try to find something that can help cover up this taste. Most of them found that potentiating Mitragyna with cranberry juice not even mask the taste of Korth but also aid them in ingesting the herb.

Some users complain that the mixture looks sandy. However, why worry about the physical appearance when you can get tons of benefits out of it. That is why you are highly advised to use Kratom and cranberry juice together.

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